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Veterinarian in Adeje, Veterinarian in Tenerife South.

Dingo Pet Shop has veterinary services in Adeje, Tenerife South. Supported by a professional team comprised of board-certified veterinarians and veterinary assistants, it has the commitment to provide the highest quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet.

Due to it has state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Dingo Pet Shop is able to carry out all kinds of diagnostic tests on your pet in order to identify health issues early as well as pathologies and recommend further treatments.

Among its veterinary services include vaccination, microchipping, clinical analysis, worming and regular checking. This Veterinarian clinic is led by Dr. Carmen Aguiar, ethologist, board-certified in clinical animal behaviour, who along with her highly-skilled team of medical professionals, will make your pet’s health and well-being her top priority.

Information about Dingo Pet Shop Veterinarian, Veterinarian in Adeje, Tenerife South.

At Dingo Pet Shop Clinic in Tenerife South, your pet will be provided with the high quality and compassionate care available.
Dingo Pet Shop professional team, led by Dr. Carmen Aguiar, are proud to offer you regular veterinary care and the most adequate treatments in order to assure a long and happy life for your pet.
+34 922 78 22 10 – Abierto de lunes a sábados, de 9 a 20 horas – Telephone 24 hour emergency veterinary 618 484 802
Calle Charfa, Nave 1, Polígono Las Torres – Adeje  – Tenerife – Canarias
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