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Parquets CruzGal offers you sales of parquet Los Cristianos. In addition, we are official distributors of Quick Step in Los Cristianos, a brand of recognized international prestige in the parquet and laminate flooring sector.

Parquets, Laminated floors, Interior decks, Floating parquets, Deck Floors Los Cristianos. Between his marks, in addition destancan Floorline, Karelia, Diswood Top, Kronopol, Vertigo, Disfloor Top in Los Cristianos.

Installer, Distributor, Sales and Financing of Parquets Los Cristianos.

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[toggle title=”Presentación” open=”yes”]PARQUETS CRUZGAL is the point of sale, distributor, installer of parquets in Los Cristianos, the star brand in this field is Quick Step, a company of Italian origin that markets its laminate floors in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.

Quick Step laminate floors stand out for their resistance and easy maintenance. Its UNLIC installation application stands out, turning this task into something really simple to reach any client. They are floors that have already received a protective layer, so they do not require a waxing after installation.

Parquets CruzGal as Parquets Los Cristianos is point of sales, online sales, financing, installer in Los Cristianos and Canarias with a wide exhibition of parquets, laminates, wooden decks, vinyl pallets, floors vinyl, wooden floors, PVC decks in Los Cristianos. Installers, official distributors and online sale of Parquets in Los Cristianos and throughout the Canary Islands. Financing of the purchase of parquets in Los Cristianos at 0%.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Phone” open=”yes”]Las Chafiras Tenerife: 922 09 30 35[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Address” open=”yes”]Street los Álamos 2A – 38350 Los Naranjeros – Tacoronte – Tenerife – Canary Islands[/toggle]
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  • Parquets in Los Cristianos
  • Official distributor laminate floors Quick Step Los Cristianos
  • Distributor parquets in Los Cristianos
  • Laminate floors in Los Cristianos
  • Wood floors in Los Cristianos
  • Vinyl floors in Los Cristianos
  • Official distributor parquets in Los Cristianos


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  • Sales of parquets in Los Cristianos
  • Installer of parquets in Los Cristianos
  • Parquets for hotels in Los Cristianos
  • Parquets for restaurants in Los Cristianos
  • Parquets for professionals in Los Cristianos
  • Parquet offers in Los Cristianos
  • Online parquets sales in Los Cristianos


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