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Restaurant specializing in meat in Los Cristianos, Arona, Tenerife South, grilled meat in Los Cristianos

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Shorthorn, Cundi & María, is believed to be one of the leading restaurants specializing in serving grilled meat in Los Cristianos, Tenerife South. Shorthorn Restaurant offers the chance to sample a great variety of grilled meat and fish dishes.

Shorthorn is a renowned restaurant , specialyzed in grilled meats cooked with firewood according to the most traditional style. Matured meat Restaurant. Don’t hesitate to try our excellent barbecue.

Furthermore, it provides you with the opportunity of holding all kinds of events in their facilities, like weddings, birthdays, baptisms in Los Cristianos.

[separator top=”35″ style=”none”] [title size=”2″] Information concerning Shorthorn Restaurant in Los Cristianos[/title] [accordian] [toggle title=”Phone number” open=”yes”]676 33 15 16[/toggle] [toggle title=”Address” open=”yes”]Calle Hermano Pedro de Bethencourt, Esquina Av.Juan Carlos I, Centro Comercial Apolo, local 46-c – Los Cristianos – Arona –  ??nerife South – Canary Islands[/toggle]

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  • Meat Restaurant in Los Cristianos
  • Restaurant serving meats in Tenerife South
  • Grilled meat in Los Cristianos
  • Restaurant available for special events in Los Cristianos
  • Restaurant with barbecue in Los Cristianos

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  • Barbecued meat in Los Cristianos
  • Grilled fresh fish in Los Cristianos
  • Fresh meat Restaurant in Los Cristianos
  • Barbecue Restaurant in Los Cristianos
  • Firewood barbecue in Los Cristianos

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