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Aqualux Pools and Spas

Swimming Pool Coating in Tenerife, revestimiento de piscinas en La Gomera

Aqualux Pools and Spas offers you Pool Covers of the most prestigious brands in the world in La Palma. So, it is the case of the Elite Australian Cover with a long durability.

Likewise, you will be able to find extraordinary automatic Pool Covers in La Palma, with both the Installation and the counselling of our own technical Service.

First quality products like Titanium Heat Pumps to warm the pool efficiently, or the Solar Panels Heliocol, that are actually the best solar heating System for pools in the world.

Our pool covers, crafted in-house to order, are made from high UV resistant material sourced from Australia. They’re not just covers; they’re a testament to durability, with unmatched resistance against the elements. Experience high heat retention that keeps your pool warm and inviting, even on cooler days.

Why do we source our material from Australia?

The subtropical climate of the Canaries is the allure that draws many of us to these sun-soaked isles. On the global UV index, most of Europe falls within the low to moderate range. However, due to its proximity to the equator, the Canary Islands reside in the High to Very High UV zones. Regrettably, plastics exposed to such intense solar UV levels deteriorate rapidly unless they’re equipped with built-in protection. In contrast to European manufacturers, whose focus is primarily on the more UV-moderate Central and Northern markets, Australian pool cover plastics are engineered to withstand the extreme UV levels akin to those in Australia. This can significantly extend the lifespan of your investment.Furthermore, our Elite SunCap is constructed from an opaque material that allows the sun’s warmth to permeate through to the pool water. The triple air bubble technology ensures that this valuable heat remains trapped, preventing it from escaping back into the atmosphere.With Aqualux, you can have a custom-sized pool cover measured, crafted, and fitted within a matter of days, whether it’s for a standard residential pool or a large community facility..

cubierta para piscinas en la palma
Pool heaters and pool covers

Pools & Spas


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Aqualux Pools & Spas Services
  • Pool Covers in La Palma

  • Automatic Pool Covers in La Palma

  • Australian Pool Covers in La Palma

  • Pool Heat Exchangers in La Palma

  • Titanium Pool Heaters in La Palma

  • Pool Air-Conditioner in La Palma

  • Titanium Heat Exchanger in La Palma

  • Heat Pumps in La Palma

Automatic Pool Covers

cubiertas para piscinas en La Palma

Aqualux offers you Automatic Security Pool Covers that are available in three colours. They open and close without effort and just by pressing one button

Titanium Heat Pumps for Pools

cubiertas para piscinas en en la palma, cubiertas para piscinas en la gomera, cubiertas para piscinas en gran canaria, cubiertas para piscinas en tenerife

This range of pool Heaters is ideal for any domestic pool. They use the environmental Heat through the accumulation and absorption of energy from the external air

Elite Australian Pool Covers

cubiertas para piscinas en tenerife, cubiertas para piscinas en gran canaria, cubiertas para piscians en la palma, cubiertas para piscinas en la gomera

The plastics of this Cover are Designed to endure high levels UV. It is a long duration Cover that keeps the pool warm, then Saving electricity.

Solar Panels Heliocol for Pools

cubiertas para piscinas en La Palma

The best solar heating System for pools in the world. The System Heliocol warms the pool in all type of climate conditions

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